List of Full Form

ALU=Arithmetic Logic Unit.

CAD=Computer Aided Design.

CD=Carrier Detect or Compact Disc.

CD-R=Compact Disc-Recordable.

CD-ROM=Compact disc read-only memory.

CD-RW=Compact Disc-ReWritable.

CMOS=Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor.

COMPUTER=Common Oriented Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research.

CPU=Central Processing Unit.

CRT=Cathode Ray Tube.

CU=Control Unit.

DAT=Digital Audio Tape.

DVD=Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc.

EOF=End Of File.

FAT=File Allocation Table.

FAT=File Allocation Table.

FDD=Fixed/Floppy Disk Drive.

HDD=Hard Disk Drive.

HTML=Hyper Text Markup Language.

IBM=International Business Machines, Indian Bureau of Mines.

ISDN=Integrated Services Digital Network.

LAN=Local area network.

LASER=Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

LCD=Liquid crystal display.

LED=Light Emitting Diode.

LOGO=Language of Graphic-Oriented.

MAN=Metropolitan area network.

MBR=Master Boot Record.

MICR=Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

OS=Operating System.

PC=Personal Computer, Program Counter.

POST=Power On Self Test.

RAM=Random Access Memory.

ROM=Read Only Memory.

SDRAM=Synchronous Dynamic RAM.

SMPS=Switch Mode Power Supply.

TCP/IP=Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol.

UPS=Un-Interrupted Power Supply.

VDU=Visual Display Unit.

VGA=Video Graphics Array.

VIRUS=Vital Information Resources Under Size.

WAN=Wide area network.

WWW=World Wide Web. XOR=Exclusive-OR