What is Database? The database is an organized collection of related information. We have stressed “ORGANISED”, because only organized information is a database. Any unorganized information is just like a pile or dump, and it cannot be called a database. Read more

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Database Table

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Database Table (.dbf) How to Create Database Table STARTàAll ProgramsàMicrosoft Visual Studio 6.0àMicrosoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Write in Command Window             CREATE SCHOOL <ENTER> 1. Create the following table.             Field Name                 Data Type               Width                          Dec Read more

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Form

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Form (.scx) *Note: Visual FoxPro Form support only Windows XP operation system. Step-2 TEXT5                                                                        GOTFOCUS A=THISFORM.TEXT3.VALUE B=THISFORM.TEXT4.VALUE C=A*B THISFORM.TEXT5.VALUE=C Step-3 (.dbf File Making) Field Name                  Type                      Width              Dec PRODCODE              Character                   8                                  PRODNAME              Character                   20                    Read more


Planning a program involves defining its logic (the correct sequence of instructions needed to solve the problem at hand) called Algorithm. It is a step-by – step description of how to arrive at a solution to a given problem. Algorithm Read more

List of File Extension

NAME DOCUMENT TYPE APPLICATION .rtf Rich Text Format WordPad .docx Microsoft Word Document MS Word .txt Text Document Notepad .bat Batch File Command Prompt .bmp Bitmap Image Paint .jpg / .jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group Paint .xlsx Microsoft Excel Worksheet Read more

List of Full Form

ALU=Arithmetic Logic Unit. CAD=Computer Aided Design. CD=Carrier Detect or Compact Disc. CD-R=Compact Disc-Recordable. CD-ROM=Compact disc read-only memory. CD-RW=Compact Disc-ReWritable. CMOS=Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. COMPUTER=Common Oriented Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research. CPU=Central Processing Unit. CRT=Cathode Ray Tube. CU=Control Unit. Read more