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Microsoft Office Access – Table

January 31, 2018 0
Tables: Tables consist of records (rows) and fields (columns). The actual data is defined and entered in here. It used to enter, stor...

Microsoft Office Access - Macro

January 31, 2018 0
Macro: A macro is a set of one or more actions that each performs a particular operation, such as opening a form or printing a report. Mac...

Microsoft Office Access

January 31, 2018 0
  It has two types of Extension .mdb and .accdb. In old version, up to 2003 is .mdb and now is .accdb up to 2013. Queries: A query all...

Microsoft Office Word

January 31, 2018 0
Microsoft Office Word (.doc) Header and Footer: The information which appears at the top of every page is called Header and at the b...