What is Database? The database is an organized collection of related information. We have stressed “ORGANISED”, because only organized information is a database. Any unorganized information is just like a pile or dump, and it cannot be called a database. Read more

Oil Paint Picture by using 3d Luts of Adobe Photoshop CC | ফটোশপে অয়েল পেইন্ট ও থ্রিডি লুটসের মাধ্যমে খুব সুন্দর ছবি তৈরি

The entire process describe to the following video link. All users request to watch this video, it can help you lots. Download Link of require file:  Images: Ganga River side Image 3D Luts: 725 3D Luts 7 ZIP Software:

Background Transparent by using Adobe Photoshop CC | ফটোশপের মাধ্যমে ফটো ট্রান্সপারেন্ট (White to Transparent)

Take a new file: File => New (Ctrl+N) => Name (Transparent) => Width (3 Inches) => Height (2 Inches) => Resolution (300 Pixel/Inches) => 32 bit => Backgrounds Contents (White) => Create. Double Click on Background layer and rename with Read more