Microsoft Office Excel

It has two types of Extension .xls and .xlsx. In old version, up to 2003 is .xls and now is .xlsx up to 2013.

An Excel file called Workbook and a Workbook have many Worksheet or Electronic Spreadsheet (256).

Electronic Spreadsheet: An electronic spreadsheet application accepts data values and relationships between the data values in a tabular format consisting of rows and columns. It allows user to perform calculation on these values. If any information is changed the worksheet program automatically recalculates all results.

Create an excel file: Computer>>Local Disk (D:)>>New Folder>>Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet>>Open.

Excel specifications and limits:

  1. First Column Name: A
  2. First Row Number: 1
  3. Last Column Name: XFD
  4. Last Row Number: 1048576
  5. First Cell Name: A1
  6. Last Cell Name: XFD1048576
  7. Total Column Number: A to XFD=16384
  8. Total Row Number: 1048576
  9. Total Cell Number: XFD1048576=16384X1048576=17179869184

Cell Reference: A reference that identifies a cell or a range of a cells on a worksheet that user want to use in a formula. There are three types of cell reference are as follows.

1. Relative Cell Reference: When user copy formula from one cell to another cell, the cell address is changed accordingly. For example:-

2. Mixed Cell Reference: For fixed a column or row in a formula user should to fixed ($) column or row. When user copy formula from one cell to another cell, then one part of cell is fixed and other is relative. For example:-

3. Absolute Cell Reference: For fixed a cell value in a formula user should to fixed ($) column as well as row. When user copy formula from one cell to another cell, then cell address will not be change accordingly. For example:-

Comment: A comment is a note that attach to a cell and separate from other cell content. Comments are useful as remainders.

Filtering Record: Filtering is a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a range. It displays only the rows that meet the criteria that user specify for a column. There are two types of filtering: a)Auto Filter and b)Advance Filter.

Chart: Chart is a Pictorial representation of data in the worksheet. It give user to represent data in the most effect manner by using any type of chart. There are 11 type of chart in Excel 2007.

Goal Seek: Goal Seek is the part of a suite of commands sometimes called what-if analysis tools. Microsoft Excel use the value in one specific cell until a formula that’s dependent on that cell for return the result which user want.